Rolex Submariner black water ghost 116610LN

Posted by Alaine - December 8th, 2015

6Why Rolex launched black water ghost? In order to fill up the vacancy by green water ghost watches. This watch is not “black gold” but black ceramic.

The successful of Rolex Submariner should benefit by some breakthrough technology innovate. Include the new construction of RinglockSystem which is the patent of Rolex. This technology can make sure the best rolex replica watches deliberate bear the immense pressure in deep water and especially design for the professional diver. Besides, the three other parts also important foe this watch. The high performance stainless steel annulus was installed between the blue crystal glass and the watch case back which can make sure the glass and watch case back can bear the hydraulic pressure easily. The blue crystal is thicker than other oyster type glass watchcase, and the resistance pressure is doubled. The watchcase back make with titanium alloy which has strong antibiotic-resistant.

This rolex watches replica can meet the demands of the professional divers. The clasp equip with double extension system and very convenient to wear it. The double extension system include: oyster flexible chain link and new GLIDELOCK belt buckle. The Helium Escape valve make with 904L stainless steel. The size is just right with the diameter of watchcase. So coalesced each other tightly.

The Submariner series is not only the classical diver watches, and also the model of the same type of chronometer. This watch is the indispensable tool for diver, but in the land, the watch also a graceful style of sport watch.


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